eStabl WEB is a cloud information technology platform is developed to automate the activities of microfinance institutions and credit cooperatives and to create its web-based multi-functional applications (SaaS).

We used the main trends and approaches to building architecture of business process of microfinance organizations and credit cooperatives; generalized macro-model of the microfinance organization, which describes the basic architecture of its subsystems are developed, as well as information links between business processes, that provide a stable vital functions of the system as a whole.

We suggest constructing a multi-level concept of automation and management of microfinance organization that analyzes three levels of automation and control: the first level - the use of Microsystems software to automate communication with clients of microfinance services and primary processing of incoming data; the second level - the application of intelligent systems analysts and business process management BPM (Business Process Management) and BPMS / BPMT (Business Process Management System / Tool) with support for SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) architecture to automate, analyze, manage, and optimize the performance of basic business processes; the third level - the use of integrated intelligent information systems of business intelligence BI (Business intelligence) class, technology OLAP (online analytical processing) for operational and strategic management of a microfinance organization as a whole.


eStabl WEB is a cloud platform for tasks of automation and management of microfinance institutions, which consists of the following interconnected modules:

• The module to the control and data preprocessing for tasks of automation of user interaction, that realizes integration with web-services, smartphones and PDA, POS terminals and SMS centers, based on mobile technologies and solutions by the API (Application Programming Interface): SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol ), WSDL (Web Services Description Language), UDDI (Universal Description Discovery & Integration), MVC (Model-view-controller ), VBScript (Visual Basic Scripting Edition), SMPP(Short message peer-to-peer protocol), USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data);

• Software and algorithmic complex for automation and management of business processes, as well as the dynamic rebuilding of business process models implementing concept of BPM (Business Process Management);

• Software and algorithmic complex to build a digital model based on Monte Carlo methods and intelligent information system of business analytics solution BI (Business intelligence) based; OLAP (online analytical processing) technology for strategic management and predictive modeling as well as visualization of key management information.

• Data Processing Center (DPC) to solve the problems of protection, processing, storage and structuring of data; The use of this platform addresses the problem in the project and attracts a wide range of experts to the development of new applications based on it.”