We based our solution on following innovative solutions and approaches:

1. Advanced cloud technology are implemented for the effective use of the shared pool of computing resources and for reducing the costs of using a microfinance institution hardware resources while improving the reliability of the system; providing centralized administration and improving the quality of management.

2. A comprehensive approach Is implemented to the construction of an information system of automation that is based on a theoretical model in which a single cloud-based platform is integrated by three control levels that will allow to achieve deep automation and efficiency of microfinance organizations, well as scalability, the ability to dynamically rebuild and quickly adapt to changing conditions and market requirements.

3. The system of business process management of microfinance organization is seen as a cloud, dynamic over time and hierarchically organized structure with open interfaces for communication with the outside world that reacts in real time to internal and external conditions, as well as on user instructions. This forms the application of new approaches in the field of system integration on the concept of service oriented architecture SOA, in which business processes and software are implemented as separate modules available to other applications and interfaces via a standard interface and protocol (SOAP).

4. Developed mathematical models and algorithms are used for control and automation of the main and auxiliary business processes of the microfinance organization, and their parameters are optimized to identify the best (terms of profitability, risk, etc.) combination of parameters.

5. Implementation of the concept of a flexible interface "virtual office" and a "virtual credit committee."

6. A multi-level security system is researched and developed. A hierarchical system of access security is implemented. The parameters of a multi-level security system that permits a flexible determination of access levels with the distribution in time were studied and optimized, as well as a system of tracking and detailing the activity of all users.

7. The platform is tested for particular microfinance institutions and is made as a complete solution that is suitable for future commercialization by the SaaS scheme.